Friday, February 5, 2010

Casey McDonough

At NCECA 2009 in Phoenix I worked on an installation in the so-called "project space" during the conference itself. I was permitted to use the space to experiment, which is exactly what I did, working to incorporate ceramic and unfired clay with several mixed media elements including electronics that generated sound. For "Multiples of Five" I am working to refine some of the perceived shortcomings from that experience.
So far I have completed several pairs of ceramic elements with electronics smoothly incorporated into the objects themselves, thereby addressing the disconnect that I've recognized between ceramic and electronics in the past. I've also been constructing some modular elements using unfired clay and steel, which should make installation substantially easier.
One of my major shortcomings previously involved a lack of material knowledge, in particular the material I chose to use in order to delineate sculptural elements from the floor and/or wall. My friend, the artist Joe Page, introduced me to adhesive vinyl for signmaking, which comes in a great variety of colors and provides me with the flat and consistent ground that I had been looking for. I've found that this vinyl is helping me to resolve several aesthetic issues, though it is relatively difficult to work with.
It won't seem apparent in any of the included images, but I plan for this piece to connect the vertical plane of the wall with the horizontal plane of the floor. Expect to see details of the electronics as I get further along in the development of that element.

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