Thursday, February 4, 2010

Frederick Bartolovic

From the start I knew that I wanted the Philadelphia show piece to be site specific. I had the time to design a piece for the show, so I started where I usually do, looking for resources online, trying to find older maps, or documents that speak about the local history of Philadelphia. In that search I came across the "The Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network" which can be found at:
What an amazing resource this is, with 200 year old historic maps of the Philadelphia area catalogued online, as well as images and blueprints of contemporary and historic buildings. From here I knew that the piece had be an interpretive map, combining my most recent hand built forms with real geographic data.

8 weeks to the show, I still have quite a ways to go but here are the progress shots to show where I'm at.

Frederick A. Bartolovic

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